A little bit about us

We make pixels jiggle, in the hope of getting a laugh or a tear.

"I wanted to do potato prints...but am running low on root vegetables."

Welcome to MonkeyBum.gallery - the home to "MonkeyBum Animation" by me, Lee Caller.

Here you'll find the gallery to my creature and character animated pieces, a 3D model or two (which you can use for your own animation or games), and pretty much anything else I conjure up along the way (checkout my blog).

If you're a glutton for punishment you can see the people behind the pixels - for a clue to how they ended up in this weird world they've created.

How is this done?

At the moment the main bits and pieces used to create what you see here are:

Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Adobe Flash (Animate)
Adobe CC

Fancy a chat?

If you like what you see, feel I can assist you in any animation/3D modelling piece of your own or just have general questions then by all means give me a shout.