Lee Caller

Pleasing Plug-ins: Maya Playback Speed Slider

May 1, 2024

Annotated Maya screenshot showing that the plugin window can be docked

Here's a short and sweet Maya plugin that'll give you a small pop-up to control the playback speed. So while this doesn't tamper with your scene frame rate it will slow things down when you hit play in the Viewport. When you're done slowing things down hit Reset and you're back to normal.

Why would it want to do this? By slowing down the playback it can be easier to look for issues and best of all this plugin will display sub-frames making it even easier to spot issues and to look for where you're missing all those lovely sweeping arcs.

From a very quick look behind the scenes this short script does what it does by tweaking the Playback values in the Time Slider section of Maya Preferences - but through a super accessible (and dock-able) pop-up window.

There's a couple of download options, I went for the Cmds version then copying and pasting the script supplied onto a Maya (Python) shelf button, so install is painless and un-doable if you decide it's not for you.

So pop over to the Tetsuo Animation Studio Gumroad site and grab Animation Speed Slider for free!