Lee Caller

Pleasing Plug-ins: Quick Shelf

April 8, 2024

Must be time for another blog post, feels like it's been 1 year since the last one....

...this time for another Pleasing-Plugin for Maya, "Quick Shelf" - basically if you use Maya there's a good chance you also use the Shelf tab across the top to either dump temporary short-cuts, icons or other plug-ins to, so it typically ends up looking something like....

All very convenient - except when you end up needing to keep moving from whatever it is you're working on at any given time (to head over to the shelf) or even worse (and the thing that made me go looking for and find this plug-in): having to keep switching between shelf tabs every few minutes.

Quick Shelf is the answer - and it's a totally free answer at that. Head here to Gumroad and grab it - easy to install - slap it onto a HotKey and away you go. You can now quickly open up a temporary window with all the icons from one or more shelves wherever you are on the screen at the time. Not sure what I mean then look here at the demo. It's creator (HeydoubleU) has a few other bits and pieces you may also find useful.