Lee Caller

New website!

January 5, 2019

New website being dragged into existence.

Due to unexpected reasons (grrr....Adobe killing off Muse) I've gone for it and updated the MonkeyBum Anim website. We're now monkeybum.gallery rather than monkey.net (although .net is still good - you'll just get re-directed).

It's getting there.

It's now a lot cleaner - less cluttered but I'm still ironing out wrinkles - and don't worry, the blog is usually far more animation orientated than this - consider this a "I ought to tell you..." thing about the new site, just in case you spot weirdness before I do!

Also worth me mentioning that I'm going to be block-posting to the blog in the coming weeks - it's just to get all the tasty bits from the MonkeyBum Animation Tumblr blog posted into the clean new site...once the catch-up is done I'll go back to the usual as-and-when blog bits n bobs.