Lee Caller

Disney Classics Movie Collection - 1937 - 2018

July 27, 2019

I can't remember a huge amount as a young kid - but I can remember going to see Dumbo at the local cinema courtesy of my gran who worked there.

Since then, when it's come to the Disney classics, I've relied on TV and the purchase here and there...but enough of that - I want them all. So I went for this,...

....55 movies, one box, nearly all Blu-Ray (a few on DVD only), chronological order, you will probably have to buy Ralph Breaks the Internet to complete the box (there's an empty space for him) but you do get a rather plush book included. All comes in a nice box, which itself sits in a nice box, which you could put into a nice box if you wanted.

Even if you have a number of these titles already you may find it's cheaper and far neater to have this box set.