Lee Caller

Halloween Rigs 2019!

November 1, 2019

What better day to post up a summary of the best (FREE!) spooky animation rigs for 2019 than Halloween. So sit yourself down behind the sofa, grab your favourite comfort blanket and check out these Maya rigs that I've spotted lately which - seeing as you've now got at least 11 months notice - would make a great spooky Halloween shot for 2020....

...in no particular order, we have....

Franky Maya rig
Franky by Alorema Rigs - don't expect the best lip-sync from him (i.e. don't expect any lip-sync from him) - but look at this little dude.

Samy Maya rig
Samy the great sack-boy rig from Agora Studio's Anim Challenge. He needs a plugin (so there's one easy extra step to getting him up and running) but he's a gem.

Thep Maya rig
Thep from Squiggly Rigs - pretty damn good. Lots of opportunity to give him character with nice facial options.

Grey Matter Gary Maya rig
Another Squiggly Rig, Grey Matter Gary has cropped up a few times lately, and rightly so - he's a gem of a freebie!

Hotel Transylvania Zombie Maya rig
He's been available a little while - but that's no bad thing. The Zombie from Sony Entertainment (as in Hotel Transylvania) is still a cracking freebie!

As ever with anything you download check the terms, conditions and all limitations on use - don't rip people off...

...these people may well enjoy what they do - but that doesn't mean we have a right to take advantage of them - if anything we need to show our appreciation that they make these assets available to us, so just because you have the option of downloading things for free at least consider slinging them enough for a coffee!