Lee Caller

Animation Art of the Day: Original Snoopy drawings

January 5, 2019

Even though it's a fraction of a second from the final shot, there's something nice about owning a snip from an original animation that you remember as a kid.

Here's some original Snoopy drawings, a series of 5 from a walk cycle. I said years ago I'll try and get around to putting them into a GIF one day. Unfortunately the original (uncut) 10 inch drawings wouldn't frame easily but didn't want them to hide away in a cupboard, so I've folded them (no way was I going to cut them - so compromised just this once).

If you're tempted to get some original animation art (drawings or cels) be sure to do your research/buy only from trusted sellers (i.e. would really keep away from eBay as a general rule).

Original Snoopy walk cycle drawings