Lee Caller

Using Maya “It might-be-of-use-if-you-didn’t-already-know-tip-number-2…” Buffer Curves"

February 24, 2019

I tend to stick to the features of Autodesk Maya that I’ve used in the past, but am now forcing myself to spend a little time to rummage through the menus and pick out what else might be of use for animation.  So today we have….

Might-be-of-use-if-you-didn’t-already-know-tip-number-2 …

You’ve done your animation, have lots of lovely curves, but are now wondering “what if I adjusted that curve a little” (i.e. you go into optician mode: “is it better with….or without…”)?

You could save a copy of the scene, have a tweak and keep the copy you’re happiest with.  But that’s a little heavy going and tricky to compare the two.

You could use an animation layer (which would make sense for larger experiments).

Or you:

  • Open up the Graph Editor
  • Enable: View>Show Buffer Curves
  • Amend a curve, and see how it looks

…the thing is with Buffer Curves showing, you’ll now see the old version of the curve in a darker shade.  You can toggle between the old and new version using Right-Click>Swap Buffer, amending whichever of the 2 are active as you wish.  

Tweak away comparing the two and, once you’ve decided on which version you prefer, make that the active one and hide the other by un-checking the View>Show Buffer Curves option.

Should you find a preference but want to carry on tweaking, you can replace the buffered (dark) curve with the currently selected one using Right-Click>Snap Buffer.  You can continue amending away knowing you’ve got the other to go back to if needed.